Last minute tree ideas

Nigel Slater writes in such a way that you just want to move in with him " there are church candles flickering in the fireplace, strings of ivy on the mantle and quinces in the fruit bowl. The tree is a picture, with its strings of white lights and old fashioned glass decorations. All the house needs now is the smell of mince pies  baking'. Wonderful I want to come round now - stuff thoughts of sunnier climes and swimming in a warm sea - winter is a beautiful season! Haven't finished decorating the house yet its been so frantic, still need to buy a couple more Christmas trees for the house so will  leave you with these two images of some simple yet beautiful creations from Martha Stewart, just in case you like me are a bit behind schedule.. Its hard to get the balance right between simple and  over the top but these two cut the mustard I think. The best bit that intoxicating smell of pine when you walk through the door - now I just need to bake some mince pies and hey ho suddenly I know longer need to move in with Nigel!

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