Happy 2010 – break the rules and make new ones

Happy New Year everyone – I love that it’s a new year and all that’s wrapped up with that. Resolutions, fresh beginnings and new plans. For me January means Paris (a city I adore) for one of our biggest buying trips of the year and possibly New York so I have to say I always approach Jan with much enthusiasm. Part of my new years resolutions is to delight clients with a mesmerizing take on colour and push the design envelope with some truly exciting products. Colour like nothing else I know re shapes, highlights and lends depth and excitement to any room – and in my humble opinion is massively underrated. I’m thinking of painting the outside of the store a golden hue that shimmers in the light.  The inside has just been painted London Clay a beautiful colour by Farrow & Ball which I am obsessed with – our bathroom is soon to be painted that very same colour (sorry honey I probably haven’t mentioned that yet – oops)! In terms of products I truly think last year our style came into its own. Its somehow kind of mutated from organic and understated to an in your face, funked up, idiosyncratic collection of goodies. Its sophisticated  and glamorous s but with a twist and I very much want to keep going along that line. So I leave you with two images both taken from Issue 2 of Lonny (loving that magazine). The first shows a serious does of colour in Kate Spade’s New York store – a fab rug, and a colourful floor cushion shout instant happiness. To me this very much personifies what design is all about – it thrills, it seduces and it surprises. The second image shows an irresistible owl accessory  - it’s the little humorous details such as these that add interest to any scheme.

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