Abigail Ahern

An inspired idea

The builders are in so dust and craziness  everywhere  - all for the greater good I keep telling myself.  I am relocating my office to the ground floor – realising that it was a little crazy working on the top floor of a four-story house in a diddy little room I had the inspired idea of  creating a snug library/study downstairs on the ground floor which then opens out into our winter living area. Plus I get a great view of the garden which or so my pitch went to my husband will help me be way more creative and work longer into the night! This is how the room looked before (as seen in this months Livingetc – thank you by the way Livingetc). The chandelier has now been re-housed into the void area, the red console and light to the basement and the black table usurped by a super cool ornate ancient one I found in a flea market and sprayed teal. So all systems go – builders have tea as we speak and being the impatient person I am have given them 12 hours to finish the task in hand. Then it’s a super quick paint job or it will be if I have anything to do with it – a smidge of tweaking and humping hundreds of mags and books down numerous stairs. But by Thursday (when its supposed to get super cold) fires, jazz, candles and a double dose of something or other to celebrate should be the name of the game. At least that s my plan!

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