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I spent the weekend painting and styling my new bookcase - which I must say I adore. I know its a little weird to style a bookcase as it were but the books had to sit the right way, the magazines piled exactly the right height - wont bore you with all the details. It looks like everything has just been shoved in (I wanted this boho look - but god so much uming and haaring went on in our household this weekend.It stretches the whole wall of the ground floor and houses back issues of design magazines, design and art book post cards that I have collected over the years, sweet cards people have sent that sort of thing. Below is an image  of Ms Ilse Crawford's bookcase which is just beautiful. Books and those little collectibles add personality to a space like nothing else. Happy Monday - its 7.29 am and am late for coffee and yay hey no snow. Maud is snuggled under the duvet and won't wake up to kiss me good bye (she has a school day today and I worry about her gone all day). Ok thats me done - think I have said way enough you will all be thinking I need to see a shrink (few people have been suggesting that for years)!

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