Maximal style love it or hate it

I happen to love it – but then again sometimes I am bothered by the OTT ness of it all.  Edgy, kooky and colourful is fabulous but then it’s knowing when to stop and edit that is the key.  I think the thing to go for is always mix, never have anything that is purely one look (too boring) or from one source (beyond dull). This way you will create a sense of adventure and drama. When I walk into a space I want to be intrigued, my eyes to be dazzled and I want to feel emotion.  It’s easy to do just start thinking like a maximalist – layer, play daringly with colour and scale in and no time you will have a fabulous concoction. Oh and don’t be put off if friends and family don’t get it. I was ribbed beyond comprehension over Christmas by certain members of my extended family who found my madcap mix of stuff beyond conception. Would I rather live in a beige sea of graciousness – not on your Nelly! One of Ms Wearstler's interiors - I love everything apart from the ceiling which to me is just a little too crazy.

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