Small space living

Bijou doesn’t have to mean bland and small spaces don’t have to be minimally furnished. I shot the NY interior designer Michael Bargo’s pad for my book last fall and suddenly came across these images yesterday of his first apartment. I love that he is a clutter bug and the image below shows his office which is busy yet cool. Heaps of books and papers really soften a home office. I have just finished mine which I have renamed the library as so many tomes from so many years fill every cube of our bookcase.  Plus I like how it sounds when I say to Maud ‘meet me in the library”.! Being a puppy and not even 8 months old yet she isn’t so sure where the library is so there is a lot of going to wrong rooms on wrong floors but hey we are working on that! Russ (my sisters boyfriend) has printed me out some super sweet black and white images post card size (thank you xxxx) which I am  proping up against my books to add another layer of intrigue. Oh and back to Michael check out his kitchen – layers of crockery in the smallest of spaces, saucepans  hung café style from the wall show just how easy it is to achieve a boho lived in love your space vibe. Super sweet!

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