More stuff on walls

I am sticking with to walls today since they are one of the largest areas us designers have to work with and they can radically transform a room.  Old photos, tear sheets, images from catalogues really cosy up a room and look fabulous as we discussed on Friday right -remember class? Anyway Mathew Williamson has done the very same thing to his bathroom in London (see below) and if you want to be bang on trend what about sheets of newspaper stuck to your walls coupled with a big canvas of bus roll font. Print on print, very cool, very cheap to do and super bold! Spring is the air (or at least it was yesterday I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin for the very first time this year which was wonderful. So that’s me done  - off to the gym, Bluebird for a re-stock and then a trade fair. Maud is off to school  (have packed her lunch) although I think she has just hit the terrible two’s (is that possible for a puppy)?  This weekend she has eaten my boots, jumped in the bath whilst I was in it and shocked both of us so badly I thought we were both going to keel over with a heart attack!   She was covered in bubbles so I had to tear out of the bath chase her over the house, (whilst naked I might add) trying to catch her. The glamorous life I lead! If Mathew Williamson is doing it it must be fabulous! Font on font - am liking very much

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