Perfect Palettes

Ah my favourite subject paint  and colour palettes. One journalist once wrote of me after visiting my pad and most probably freaking out that I buy paint like other people buy clothes! Possibly but its important and I’m not just talking about paint for one room I’m talking about figuring out your whole colour palette even if you are not ready to redecorate each and every room just yet. Here’s why.Transitioning (designer speak and a word I love) from room to room should be an experience to savour. Colours should harmoniously sit alongside each other, complementing each other but at the same time stand alone and find their own voice – rather like a good marriage hey!  Below are some images to get you in the mood - all photographs taken by Damien Russell whose work I adore: The softest, palest most drop dead gorgeous grey could be accented with some shots of heavenly burnt orange  - see below Oh and one more tear sheet image,  I promise I will stop after this as I feel I becoming obsessed.Look how beautiful the colours are – burnt orange, inky blue, shots of black and smidges of white – fabulous for any space.

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