Spring Fever

Apologises for the lateness of this post a mini crisis in our house today. Am flying to NY with Graham at the end of next week and he suddenly realised his passport has expired so much juggling of schedules means I am now working from home with Maude and Graham as we speak should be sitting in the passport office (please)! Spring is in the air and even though the skies are leaden (I happen to be one of the few people that love leaden saucepan lid skies because the light is so very soft) there is a feeling of fresh beginnings. Which gets me of course onto our homes. Soon slubby woollen throws and cushions can be packed away and lighter, brighter accessories can be brought in to change ones space. I love changing my space for spring and I don’t mean replacing big-ticket items. Flowers make a huge difference to any room, brightening, tantalising and adding pops of colour. Watch this space as Gem and I are planning on doing something uber exciting with flowers for the store. I cannot say more just yet otherwise she will kill me but so excited am I about this new venture that I lay awake at night thinking about it. Its not just flowers though, ornaments, textiles in silky summery hues, candles in summery notes all make one dream of those long summer nights sat outside with a glass of pressico. Cannot wait I have posted below two images of Shannon Fricke’s pad in Aus to get us in the mood for Spring (at least for this side of the world) peacock blue sofas, dusty turquoise wallpaper look utterly gorgeous and I’m jealous.

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