Parisian Interiors

One day to go and then off to Paris for a what I hope will be a big successful buying trip. Gem and I are hugely excited not only are we going to one of the most beautiful cities in the world we get to plot and plan our buying for the whole year. We are an unsociable pair though no partying and hobnobbing for us – at the end of the fair each day we trundle back into the city exhausted but often times delighted at our finds. We frequent the sweetest most gorgeous little bar – snuck way behind the Notre Dame over a little cobbled bridge it’s a dingy little unpretentious place  with not a tourist insight and I adore it. I feel like I am in some 19th century novel! We compare notes, drink carafes of wine, eliminate stuff put it back on the list again, debut, argue, laugh,  jump with joy and eat tons of frits and steak  - yummy. So I leave you with some Parisian interiors all a tad traditional but I love how the French don’t do uptight. Yes the rooms are formal and grand but not repeat not uptight in all way. There is always a bit of personal funk going on which lightens the mood and makes everything fabulous. Someone once said, for the life of me I cannot think who,  ‘that good taste is pointless without fun’ chin chin to that. Loving the pink pants might try that look myself!

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