A dash of the unexpected

Apologises for not posting yesterday I had every intention but then the day got away with me – I had forgotten how much things build up being away for merely three days .Paris was fabulous, Merci was beyond fabulous and Maud spent the time hanging out with her father drinking beer , eating pizza and watching bad movies apparently! She didn’t miss me one bit!Before I forget  and I forgot all last week to tell you the very good news that my book has been reprinted and is now back in stock and Urban Outfitters have just ordered a load – thank you Urban Outfitters I am delighted and flattered ! So here’s today’s plan (ok maybe not today as we are all working but something for the weekend. I will be in NY so I can’t join in but will do so next weekend I promise). I think we should all ditch convention and add a dash of the unexpected into our homes.  The reason being to add depth and excitement to our spaces, to make them irresistible ,adorable and gorgeous.  Now it could be subtle you might want to add say an unexpected touch to your  desk maybe a cute bird  - see below. I happen to have a plastic crow sitting on my mantle piece and I adore him and everyone but everyone smiles when they see him.  Or you might want to go a little further and paint your skirting red (also see below). Yikes I here you cry but Spring is on its way – its time to start a fresh put all the past behind you and embrace the future. This was the pitch I made to my husband last night -  I suggested we paint the hall black and the skirting red,  I was meet with a rolling of the eye and a stony silence! Hey ho we have 8 hours on a plane together at the end of the week so I am compiling my case for red skirting as I type- and nothing drives Graham more mad than me talking to him over movies in the plane, particularly if its about the house and painting!! Parrots, birds and animals in general add a touch of whimsy and spirit to a space like nothing else I know It sounds whacky but it’s looking irresistibly adorable to me – funked up glam skirting boards – heaven.

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