Up cycling

I am rather into up cycling as you have probably all gathered and was thinking of creating an award for the most super doper up cycled home. A strong contender would be the rather fab pad of two very talented boys Jimmie Karlsson and Rick Schultz. Jimmie is one half of the cutting edge furniture duo Jimmy Martin.  Their London home is very inspiring. I am particularly taken with the graffiti they have done thorough out. Chairs, doors, canvases have all been graffiti to give the space a very urban vibe. Its totally unique, thrifty, antiquey glamorous a hotch potch of styles abound but it absolutely works. So I am pulling out the tear sheets and stuffing them into my inspirational file – just trying to figure where I can do something similar with the graffiti. I will not mention this idea to hubby just yet as the red skirting boards are still causing a few problems irritating enough! Was thinking maybe over supper in the Spotted Pig on the weekend in the west village after a few glasses of wine Graham might be a little more amenable. Love the spotted pig it’s on the quietest street in Manhattan a teeny tiny gastro pub serving fab food and full to the brim with people. Anyway that’s the plan,  as you can gather madly, truly, deeply obsessed with all things interior the poor people that share this life with me probably need an award not the upcyclers! Cool, no?

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