Rustic v Glamour

Having just returned from Paris and a visit to Merci - one of the most beautiful stores on earth - I have rather gotten into the country-esque vibe. The French do this very well. It's a look that feels relaxed and lived in, and is super easy to achieve. Now back in London with its hard-edged vibe and tomorrow off to NYC with its even harder edge vibe, I know I'll end up coveting glamour too. Its a perpetual conundrum - rustic v glamour and which look to go for. I always try to blend a little bit of both - I want the intoxicating, take your breath away glamorous edge, but the comfy, inviting, lounge and relax vibe too. In Paris I bought new vases for store in the most gorgeous array of soft hues - perfect for spring and summer along with some beautiful roughly-hewn oak stools. I'll be offsetting these with some rock chick cushions. They're vibrant pink with some chain detailing, seriously bad-ass. Plus some fabulous metal stools which Gem and I have already been fighting over. It could all come off a bit split-personality, but to me the mix all makes perfect sense. A journalist recently asked me to describe my style and I immediately told them quirky, eclectic and glam, but then changed tack halfway through and added country-esque with a touch of baroque thrown in - sounded like a right old nut case! I think photos will explain what I mean better than I could, so here: Below are two images taken by James Merrell one of my favourite photographers: Both these images are by James Merrell, one of my favourite photographers. So on the left it's sweet, relaxed, lived-in and beautiful OR on the right, it's quirky, crazy, and glam. I love it. Which camp are you in?

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