New York tales

Apologises for lack of posting last week – experienced the worst jet lag I have ever experienced waking up in NY at 2am no matter what time I went to bed.Spent the early hours each morning jogging around the meatpacking, watching rubbish TV or working – the only consultation being our room looked over the Hudson and the skyline of the city as dawn broke each morning was mesmerising. Whilst Stateside I happened across Bloomingdales who were running a big window challenge – 3 designers each made over a window utilising Bloomingdales furniture. I fell in love with the one below it had that comfy squishy contented feeling – gentleman’s club meets library meets anthropology Designed by Maxell Gillingham Ryan (he of apartment therapy fame).  If I was going to complain I would say it’s a smidge granny esq. would have preferred a little more personal funk – but than that’s pretty unfair of me seeing all the stuff had to come from Bloomingdales. Happy Monday -  we are on the last stage of revamping our website with lots of new and exciting things happening in our NEW section – will give you guys a sneak peak as soon as we are ready to launch.

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