Animal inspired interiors

I am a little obsessed by animals not just by my very own Maud who I might add is nearing 9 months and beginning to find her own voice (she has started throwing little tantrums when she doesn’t get her own way) reminds me a little of me oh dear! Animals as I have said before give instant personality to a space and turn it from something formulaic to something playful.  There are so many prissy, sterile, interiors out there that take themselves too seriously most of which seem to be in American Elle Décor  - odd. Anyhow there is hope Meryl Smith a NY artist has a very eclectic boho pad and whilst we may not all adhere to the eclectic ness of it, its far from boring and her wonderful animal sculptures, animal cushions lighten the mood no end. As I recently wrote in the Telegraph newspaper good taste is all very well but utterly pointless without a sense of fun. Happy Thursday – today is a working from home day which translates to big fires, endless cups of coffee and mounds of paperwork all stylishly and professionally undertaken in thick, snugly tartan pyjamas. Heaven. Unexpected, quirky and with an element of fun - everything an interior should be.

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