The colour red

I want to start today's post off by saying how sad I was to here of the death of fashion genius Alexander McQueen. He was our first ever customer and to get an endorsement by him all those years ago was something I shall never forget. He followed his heart and passion, steered away from convention and delighted and enchanted women around the world with his incredible designs. I have been utterly inspired by his work and in my own small way will follow his mantra. Being valentine's weekend I was thinking we should all try and introduce some splashes of red into our homes. Flowers, cushions, little red pots whatever you like as long as its red. Red like no other colour gets the pulse racing particularly when partnered with dark sludgy walls or inky floors. Its an intriguing colour which demands attention, plus its energising so you could infact burn calories by simply looking at it (how exciting is that)! I shall leave you with two images and wish you all a very happy valentine's weekend. Graham and I are taking it easy - back to back weekends in Paris & NY (as glam as it sounds and it wasn't honestly) have taken their toll - both of us have colds and are feeling a little under the weather. I am planning to plough through inspirational gardening books and cook from my latest cook book buy Rustica, Spanish traditions and recipes. Lovely! xx [caption id="attachment_808" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="Photography Damien Russell"][/caption] I want I want I want these chairs for my garden this summer, totally, utterly love them. How cool is this space - it wouldn't look half as glam and cool if it wasn't for those wonderful splashes of red!

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