Personal touches

Ryan Korban is a US designer whose work I recently came across in the rather good on line magazine called Korban's space ticks all my boxes as its filled with personal stuff that makes it totally unique, individual and eclectic. The apartment  doesn't feel especially modern rather it has an old world glamour about it which is enchanting. Heaps of books stacked on top of each other look super cool, not cluttered and messy but interesting and eclectic. Great for a home office which often times can look bland - it really softens the mood. Of course art, a quirky rug and a fabulous lamp help but what I am trying to say is its so easy to achieve this lived in luxe yet boho vibe. The bedroom is also rather fab - with a limited colour palette its looks supremely sophisticated - its the personal items though that really bring it alive photographs, sketches and so forth. So many people stop decorating too early in my experience -get the furniture but leave the walls when really its the finishing touches that actually bring the whole scheme alive  - and with etsy, ebay, student shows, vintage shops collecting art is so accessible now. Or make your own - on a huge old rusty sign in our hallway in barbie esq pink text are the words 'the wife is always right'! Thats me done - enjoy Monday I have the house to myself - husband off to work, Maud off to school yay( the house gets cleaned on a Monday,  hovers and mops and Maud don't see eye to eye so off to school she goes ). I should add its only until 3 and then a special treat when I pick her up on the way home is to stop at the local coffee house for a cappuccino  for me and a little baby cino for Maud. Nuts your thinking? Yes I know i know - shall seek help!

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