Whomp it up with wallpaper

Ah yes wallpaper  - back in Vogue in a big way and in my humble opinion a super doper way of personalising walls particularly if you don’t have an art collection and the whole plain Jayne painted wall effect bores you. What’s great today is that you can virtually design your own – get a printer to blow up an image and wham bam plonk it on your walls. Not totally sure what’s up with my way of speaking today – lets put it down to the unearthly hour of 6am (am trying to put off going to the gym - sorry)! Below are two rather inspirational images to get us in the mood for being creative – yes skeletons may not be everyone’s cup of tea although I am rather liking them. Fab in a loo or a little snug I’m thinking. The other image is also powerful, black and white looks so graphic on walls  plus you don’t need to paper the whole space one wall or little area looks equally as intriguing. These skeletons make me smile pottering around the wall, going about their business! A powerful way to put the wow factor back into your walls is to design your very own wallpaper – its unique and brings a big old dose of design moxie to the table (or walls I should say)

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