Small is beautiful

Zach Motl is a NY designer who lives in a tiny teeny apartment  which he has fabulously transformed which goes to show just how beautiful small can be. He deserves a round of applause in my opinion because most people who furnish small spaces do so in a minimal somewhat boring way. Karl like me believes more is more. Particularly love the kitchen - he built the breakfast counter which by the way doubles as the front hall table - and stained simple wood he brought in a DIY store a beautiful shade of green and then varnished it to be it super glossy. Love, love love. Beautiful this green is beautiful and rustic and homely. Lived in and loved everything I want an interior to be. His office is super cool - most of the items picked up at thrift stores and the painting above the desk hides the TV. Some other images of the space below and I must say very impressed indeed!

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