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This posting is beyond late my apologises  one of those mornings,  I had to weigh up going to the gym and pounding the treadmill for 40 mins or posting and I choose the treadmill sorry guys. Now back at home working in my new super fabulous office I should be writing press releases on our new collection instead being so close to the garden my mind keeps dreaming up schemes of what to plant and how to decorate. Gardens are something I know little about - of course I know what I like and what I don't but beyond that my knowledge is limited. I need a fabulous seating area now I have my outside fireplace and  moose (best thing I ever brought) actually didn't exactly buy just sneaked out of the store - oops. So I was thinking Marc Newson chairs with Philippe Stark gnome stools and a big old wooden table to eat, work and read the newspapers around. Oh and pots and pots and pots of herbs and scented something or others to fill the terrace making it look more jumbled up and jungle like than neat and prissy. So I leave you with couple of inspirational shots of gardens to get you in the mood for spring. I must also mention you don't need a garden to get in the mood for spring - containers of herbs on window ledges is something I got  into big time when living in the US - just opening the window each morning and breathing in the heady scent put me in a fabulous mood each day. If Graham were to read this and think all it took to put me a good mood was  a bunch of herbs he would be in heaven! Sorry honey herbs count but also  an apartment in NY, a little smidge of a villa in Italy, a car that works, a few more clothes maybe and then hey ho - happy as larry! Nigel Slater's is my most most favourite garden. I love that there's not a typical square of lawn in the middle with planting around the egdges instead he has used the whole garden to create the most incredible kitchen garden. Mr Terence Conran designed this one for Chelsea and I also love how its messy and jumbled and so not neat. Neat means uptight and we hate uptight - right?

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