Making a statement

For me the best interiors are those that look like they have been pulled together by accident with a whole hodge podge of stuff going on (by the way if I ever have another dog think I may just call it podge love that name)! To pull this look off is far harder than going down the minimalist route and who but who would want to do that I ask myself? First up you need to get your space comfortable so fill it with a liveable mix of vintage finds mixed in with mass market stuff and the odd designer piece. Now here’s the trick to take it to the next level start thinking ‘intriguing tableau’s’. Break down your space into little nooks and treat each nook as a mini room – mix interesting displays with striking bolts of colour and have a total absolute total disregard for convention. Homes that dare to be different are homes that celebrate individuality – that’s my response when any of my extended family start banging on about how dark/weird blah blah blah it all is! Anitia Calero said about her home (and sorry to confuse the above image isn’t it) ‘my home is my heart and soul. It visually and physically expresses exactly who I am. I hate leaving the place’.This is what we should all feel every time we close our front doors and begin our day couldn’t have said it better myself. Talking of leaving home I am late for a meeting in town (and soon to be even later as I really wanted to dash via Top Shop to buy some super cool clogs with heels) - oops lets hope no one reads my blog. Traffic is the reason I am late absolutely not Top Shop!

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