Blooming marvellous

Firstly the hugest thank you to all the lovely personal emails as well as comments on the blog about our new look website have been overwhelmed and flattered about the response. This is a big week for us – with the opening of our flower shop and a whole host of wondrous new products in our store and our concession at the Shop At Bluebird both spaces are going to look blooming marvellous if I say so myself! I have posted a couple of flower images – they don’t have to be faux as ours will be what matters is how transformative flowers are to an interior. Can you imagine the table below (it happens to be Tom Wolfe’s apartment) without that wondrous bunch. Or come to that the beautiful quirky Adler vessel without the blossom. Nope nor can I – fake/faux or real if you want to change the mood of your space go buy some flowers. Tom Wolfe's NY pad - made even more beautiful by the fabulous blooms. A few sprigs of blossom make an incredible statement particularly when partnered with a quirky vase

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