Outside rooms

Its sunny in London has been all week and I think it's continuing for the weekend - yay! I wanted to talk about outside rooms as many of us (not me of course)! don't treat our outdoor spaces quite the same as our indoor spaces. Well why not I want to ask? Treat outdoor rooms the same as you would indoor rooms and layer, layer, layer. I have started designing my terrace just like I would my living room, clustering chairs around my fireplace, layering little tables with vessels full of herbs and scattering outside table lights on low level tables to create a laid back out door vibe. I want to tantalise, surprise and thrill my eye. Now onto garden furniture why or why is it so miserable. That orange teakish look it beyond hideous I would rather sit on the ground. Yes I know not the easiest person to live with but hey! We have some amazing furniture in store for gardens think inflatable chesterfield sofa's and chairs, Marc Newson ultra modern chairs and well as the sweetest little stools. Other places have the cutest gnome stools by Philippe Stark (have to get one of those this year) plus Willy Guhl's concrete chairs are a must. Shabby, rustic, slated vintage chairs are fabulous as are old tables. If you want to be inspired check out the Delano Hotel's garden in Miami and treat your outdoor space like an indoor one. I have to get this little side table for my garden this year beyond adorable. This is how wooden outdoor furniture should look. Loving the snug little seating area, the pots and the walls. If you have a large glass wall like me its fundamental that the outside looks as fabulous as the inside. Happy weekend everyone.

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