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We are opening a style clinic to be held in store on the first Saturday in each month. The consultancy is free with either myself or my sister dispensing advice on how to turn your pad from ordinaire to extraordinaire. Each appointment lasts 45 minutes and booking must be done in advance by emailing the store Super excited about our new service - we get asked advice so many times during our working day on paint colors, space saving ideas, textiles etc etc that we thought it a fabulous idea to have a whole day each month where we can dispense advise. Word of warning all the advice will very much follow our quirky vibe so if you looking for a country rustic, or Scandinavian inspired space please don't make an appointment. Otherwise you will have to suffer me poking out my tongue and making all sorts of childish none endearing faces asking why on earth you want to go down such a route. Its not that I don't like these styles I sort of do - they just don't thrill, seduce and tantalise! A tad sophisticated but also comfy, lived in and incredibly laid back are the sort of interiors we covet and lust after. The interiors we love work uptown, downtown and in the country. They are eclectic, quirky and fabulous and we don't follow rules we try to break them - now I have probably scared you all off from making an appointment. Apologises to all those of you who are not in town - in the future I will try and expand the blog so I can run a consultancy here as well but there are only so many hours in the day and only one of me. Graham has just leaned over my shoulder to read this and said thank god for that! Beyond rude no roasted butternut squash risotto with crispy pancetta and fried sage leaves for him tonight then!

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