Layers of light

Good morning class by now we all understand how important lighting is to a scheme right? No single pendant readers amongst I am sure – fabulous. I was sitting in my study/snug/office whatever you want to call it last night and counted (in quite a compact space) seven lights all on – not counting a huge treble tiered porcelain chandelier that hangs behind me in the void so that’s eight then.  They are all different with nothing what so ever in common. Some are expensive (porcelain) some cheap as chips. Some are modern and some are vintage and before anyone drones on about the environment some bulbs are low energy and some super low wattage.  Whilst we all still drive cars and eat meat (although I might add I have gotten into cycling again and eating meat only a few times a week so I am doing my bit for the environment) we cannot live in miserable spaces. Lighting only really looks fabulous when it’s layered as it’s at that point that it creates little pools of interest and cosiness,  pools that cast a dappled glow making any space look heavenly. I have to be literally dragged out of my pad at night kicking and screaming as I just want to stay home in my pyjamas, listen to jazz, light a fire, swig something yummy and read or watch Mad Men. Boring as hell I here you say but you know what I love it.So if you happen to be considering changing your space please don’t forget about the lighting.  It might require some all out bravery but that’s a good thing not bad – and layeruber glam chandeliers, over sized floor lights , super sophisticated table lights oh and dimmers. I don’t have them on my ground floor since the ceilings are highly moulded and I didn’t want to take away from that but dimmers can produce astonishing results as they allow you to create a whole range of tones from muted and soft to dazzling bright. Exciting stuff hey. All photography below by Adrian Briscoe. I adore vintage lighting its unique and often times beautifully crafted. Outside rooms need lighting too, candles, battery operated sidelights and pendants – love this outdoor room now I want everything black

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