Gorgeous tables

Occasional tables are something I find hard to buy – I’m not talking about the classics  (Saarinen tables and all those beauties) as everyone stocks those. I’m talking about show stopping rock star status occasional tables with personality.  I am obsessed with tables (no idea why) except they can completely  change the language of a space by adding another dimension.  In my pad I have a whole hodge podge of styles but  I’m finding its rather like shoes you can never have enough. Anyway good news I’ve found some beauties (the first of which is pictured below) .  It’s a bit bonkers and not what you would expect in a table but super chic.  We’ve also found some old lumps of wood by a collective in Africa crafted into the sweetest little side tables and if it wasn’t for the fact that they are so heavy  I would have sneaked them out of the store already. They key with occasional tables is I think  to stylishly mix styles –  someone mentioned recently when they entered the store ‘its eclecticism run amok’. I’m guessing that’s a good thing right? Our newest find, love these tables in the store we have scattered them around  with our poodles sitting fantastically on top. We have also found something similar to this - not quite so rustic but I must say when you juxtapose rough surfaces and textures with deep matt velvety walls the overall effect is quite intoxicating.

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