Confessions of a decorator

Here's the thing having told eveyone to paint their walls the brightest, boldest yellow I must admit (and just so you all know this is extremely rare  I was wrong)! Yikes. First we painted a large wall at our concession in the Shop at Bluebird the brightest saffron yellow which in the tin looked like a pot of sunshine and warmed my heart but once up looked something a student (sorry students) might do to brighten a wall. It was funky but not in a good way. I left it up for about four days and worried about it all that time . I thought maybe getting no natural light in that part of the store was the problem but then I swatched a segment on the outside of our store and hated that as well. Oh dear. Being a store that opens 7 days a week we couldn't paint a swatch first at Bluebird which one should always do and although I had done a sample at home it was a small sample and careless of me - should have painted a great big swatch. Anyway now all is happy - Bluebird has gone the palest most beautiful grey - the colour of a puffy english cloud on a summers day and the outside of our store is still being debated. Graham is refusing to paint anything else until I am totally certain on the colour, I have to email him, sign and date the email and promise I will not change it again (what a bore)!!! But here's the thing with yellow I totally love it as a colour but only in accessories I realise. So lamps, rugs, cushions, lighting, vases, flowers all look fabulous and  walls just dont. Below is an Adler designed room in which the only yellow can be found in the little side lights - subtle but sweet I'm thinking.

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