Clever clever colour

A while back we had a PR shoot in our house  - you know the sort of thing a team of people bring in a load of props and photograph them. I have just come across the images posted below. The shoot was for carpets and not being a carpet fan I am surprised at how fab it looks  which goes to show you by just painting a wall, laying a rug or carpet on the floor you can totally re-energise your space. The hard bit is figuring out what vibe you want to create relaxing and chilled, vibrant and energising or romantic and rousing (yikes - not so sure on the last one)! The carpet and chair are not mine but vertially everything else is. Our floor is concrete but layered with this carpet in barbie esq pink gives it a whole different vibe! Maud thought it was her birthday I think when this arrived for the day - so deprived is she of carpets in our house she rolled and bounced and jumped all over it! The chair and table are mine everything else has been brought in for the shoot from the picture on the wall to the cushion.   The dark grey carpet looks and feels super luxurious except I think if I were honest I prefer padding around on my heated concrete floor with a cruelty free Adler zeebra rug thrown in for good measure! Happy mothers day  on Sunday everyone - I've made some big hints to Maud on some pressie ideas,given her pocket money for the week but unfortunately looking over at her now it looks like she's eating it. Oh dear

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