Minimalism is grim

Apologises if it’s a tad early to make such a bold statement but I totally don’t understand why this look is still around.  I have just spent some time researching and there is a whole plethora of boring spaces out there.  Conservative, predictable and boring and I just don’t get why. Homes should be glamorous, swanky, eclectic with a whole hodge podge of furniture styles going on – some historical grand gestures mixed in with modern ones. Louis armchairs upholstered in patent leather for example, Victorian cabinets sprayed tomato red and then further embellished. It’s a look that is theatrical, tantalising a little bit cartoon but never kitsch. Its drool worthy, its irresistible and more often than not chic. Super easy to achieve just surround yourself with stuff you love and then layer it. Pile up mantles, tables, shelves and so on and your pad will take on a glorious bohemian fancy-free attitude. Walls are often times over looked and left bare. Layer them like crazy I say, paintings, letters and a fabulous animal's head will build up layers and create an interesting dialogue. This look may not be everyone's cup of tea but its interesting. Striped walls make a statement and are further enhanced with a cluster of personal treasures on the mantle.

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