Hanging stuff

Apologises for the lack of post yesterday – it turned into a bit of a crazy one with an early start and then a whole store change around as more flowers came through the door. Now we have the deepest most heavenly pink peonies and big blousy blue hydrangeas. Also Maud is causing a few problems with school as she came home with a school report on Monday from the teacher to say she had gotten into four fights with other dogs! I think it’s down to low blood sugar she (like me) gets cranky if she doesn’t eat lunch and I don’t think they feed her at lunch. Anyway enough of my problems lets talk about hanging stuff.Being a bit of a clutter bug I like stuff on my walls and although sometimes a great big old canvas looks fab I am getting more and more into layering walls with a whole host of images.  Displaying art is the most striking way of making a personal statement I think and I am rather favouring clustering in an organic boho type of way as opposed to a grid system. Having said that grid systems look very balanced so if you are after a structured look its best to opt for that – just remember to keep frames identical in terms of size and style. This cluster of art animates the wall. Grouping together subject matter adds unity and reducing the space between each image adds to the overall impact. This wall resonates boho chic. With paintings varying in style and scale the overall composition although appearing unconsidered does in fact make perfect sense as it has the impact of a large single work without the formality.

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