Abigail Ahern

Rooms in the fast lane

Here’s an amazing apartment for you owned by the super talented Francois Halard. Mr or I should say Monsieur Halard’s pad is effortlessly chic he pushes his space into the fast lane of design by decorating distinctly. Paring a dashing green sofa with dark floors is heavenly. Also I am particularly taken with the photography on the walls, most rooms even the kitchen are peppered with some incredible images and so transitioning from space to space becomes an experience to savour. I love the idea of creating separate nooks or zones in rooms even if you have small rooms. It just shouts snug, cosy, boutique hotel and is way more interesting than shoving furniture against walls. Layer, layer and layer again. How beautiful is this image pictures resting on a mirror for a super relaxed feel. Am totally inspired now to create the very same thing for my hallway. Have been on the search for an old console for what feels like years and now I realise I should just go modern, make something out of cheap as chips wood and let the accessories do the talking. The more I look at this space the more my mind starts working overtime. All I need is two plaster columns an oval piece of wood sprayed a glossy black hue and hey presto a dining room to literally die for!  As Rachel Zoe would say – its bananas. Who knows what I have been doing with my own kitchen I now realise I need art, art and more art

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