Collecting stuff

Sorry its all a bit late today - had breakfast in the garden and then lost track of time so excited was I to see everything in bud and springing into life. Onto my favourite topic ART and starting a collection. Its not just the preserve for billionaires you know anyone but anyone can start collecting, and once you get the bug belive me it becomes a bit of an obsession. My own personal collection is small but growing – broader as opposed to bigger. I’ve picked up  paintings from from flea markets  and junk shops, have a couple of high enders from galleries in LA, the odd small sketch  plus a couple of rusty old signs. Am thinking about getting into photography after posting about Francois Halard’s pad yesterday its totally inspired me to change direction a bit. The golden rule with this collecting lark it to buy what you love. I have never nor would ever buy something purely for investment purposes. Visit galleries, student shows, surf the web (ebay and etsy are good) as well as checking  out auction houses you will start to get a feel for what appeals. If you happen to be in London in June some big name artists each year flog their wares from their car boots at the Art Car Boot Fair cannot wait. Happy hunting. You need so little else when a fabulous canvas or two adorns the wall, particularly love how they are propped on the floor for an impromptu casual feel. Photographs, paintings, sculpture all those personal details turn a home from ordinaire to extradinaire. Blank walls are sooooo borring. Am hoping when Maud gets a bit bigger she will paint like this. We just have to over come the fact that she would rather eat the paint brush than paint with it!

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