Love your home

I’ve have become rather obsessed with Francois Halard’s pad in France especially the kitchen. One of the many reasons I think is because he has so successfully personalised every room from the kitchen to the bathroom. So many kitchens that I see are dull as dish water, bland, clinical and not a place to linger. So here’s the thing from now on I think we should all (me included) accessorise with aplomb. Add art, sculpture, and wallpaper, some super cool chairs and before long I reckon we will have kitchens that are practical but also tantalising. Below is example of how one designer changed a rather small gallery esq. kitchen in New York into a kitchen that just screams glamorous. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea I realise but if you take the plunge and wallpaper a wall it really will push your space into the fast lane.And this dear friends is what design is all about coming out of your comfort zone and doing something you wouldn’t normally do – like going dark for instance. This gallery kitchen has been transformed into an eclectic, quirky space purely with this rather fabulous wall of wallpaper.

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