Beautiful things

I have lusted after panelled rooms for what seems like years as nothing shouts gentleman's club and boutique hotel more than panelling. With its illusion of grandeur panels are a  fabulous solution for boring walls that lack any sort of architectural detail and its super easy to do yourself. Plus you don't necessarily have to do the whole room - a wall behind a bed or a hallway feature wall are a good way to start. They key to making this look work is to combine contemporary pieces with this timeless classic look - the whole mix and match thing. Oh and when you paint your panels they must be dark for maximum impact. Then you get this whole dialogue going on which makes my heart beat a little faster as I type - imagine the simplicity of panelled walls (very conservative and traditional) given a dramatic gesture and jolt with a fabulous sludgy hue. Heaven on earth and now I don't want to work today I want to get panelling! All images styled by Emma Thomas - who is a genius Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful Elegant, effortless and chic everything a home should be.

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