Seasonal changes

Hot into the store are these super sweet cushions (images below) which my sister and I recently discovered. It’s a slightly new direction for us since our textile collection has generally up until now been all about softly woven merino wool. Whilst we still adore the merinos with spring upon us we fancied a lighter touch. These latest editions are whimsical, nostalgic, fairly tale ish and French. Gem and I lust after opening a store in Paris we seem to continually be inspired by French interiors – inky sludgy spaces with a bohemian vibe are our idea of heaven.  As is the concept store Merci which isn’t inky or sludgy – just pretty much perfection. Anyhow I digress – it takes very little to lighten one’s space for spring – pack away some of the heavier textiles and rugs and introduce some lighter fabrics. I’m throwing a few of these cushions onto my bed to lighten the mood– Maud (no doubt) who horizontally takes up all the bed and lies over all my pillows will bag them as hers. She’s not the best at sharing.

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