Nooks and crannies

This month’s Livingetc has  a fab feature all about alcoves and how to work them into your scheme. Living in a Victorian house with fireplaces in every room I have alcove galore going on. My opinion (yes I know I rarely have opinions)! they shouldn’t be left unadorned. This doesn’t mean you have to layer them with mags like the image below you could instead make them way more gallery esq. by boxing them out so that they look more bespoke. Or as I have done in some rooms ditch the shelves completely and instead layer the walls with sidelights and quirky tables.  Magic will happen if you look upon these sweet little nooks like a vignette and dress them as such. I can’t recall who said ‘good taste is amazing, bad taste fabulous its no taste that’s hideous’ or something along those lines. I hate to sound like a broken record but no one is going to remember or want to visit a beige haze off blandness so if you paint them a dark smoky hue all the better. Super libray esq - at home I have magazines stacked both ways so in piles as well as above which makes it a smidge more interesting I think! [caption id="attachment_954" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="Photography Mads Mogensen"][/caption] My old office before Graham joined the business and starting messing it all up! For my sanity I moved out and he moved in so needless to say its not looking quite so lovely under his ownership. My new office though is beyond gorgeous and far bigger so as Martha Stewart would say 'its a good thing'

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