Abigail Ahern

Wish list

With Spring very much in the air (its the most heavenly day in London - sun out, birds yabbering my wild grass scented candle burning slowly away) and I am thinking paint palettes. Not your average Spring paint palette rather a sludgy background with shots of colour. I am planning on changing one of our rooms - have been planning for decades it seems but I feel like a change. Once I've nailed the colour for the surfaces everything else should fall into place. Am thinking about black (yes yes I know its dark but I am getting rather obsessed by this hue) especially when you add to the mix splashes of red and lots of pattern. I don't want an oriental feel rather a witty, informal, eclectic aladins cave of gorgeousness. That's my plan and below are some inspirational images I have flagged. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Another obsession - kelims this image makes me want to jump on a plane to Istanbul wander the souks and go buy one. By the way a big thank you to Elle Decoration this month who has featured our new fake flowers and called them cool. Told you so!

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