Creating the illusion of space

We all want more space even if we have oodles of space we want rooms to look bigger, grander and super cool. Well my friends there are some tricks of the trade that can make even the weeniest of spaces appear larger than they possibly are. First up hide your boundaries and stop please stop shoving furniture against walls aka doctors/ dentists waiting rooms.  We need to trick the eye so it can’t automatically read the size of the space so by bringing furniture away from walls your space will feel way bigger. This helps generate movement, or flow in designer lingo and very soon you will all my emailing me to say how clever I am! PROMISE Next up vary the scale- this really does work I am a case in point. I have designed my outdoor terrace to appear like another room. Extra large out door chairs (black of course) sit alongside bijou occasional tables all presided over by a life-size cruelty free moose which doubles up as a light. This dotting the odd super sized or teeny piece graciously around the place means that these objects hold that area and create a far more interesting perspective than if everything were one size.See easy peasy as they say. Happy Friday everyone I am off to a breakfast meeting to discuss Christmas – yikes its that time already. Moving furniture away from walls adds interest, intrigue and movement. Plus its way more interesting

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