One of Britains coolest interior designers

That’s moi you know - not that I want to bang on about it and brag and so forth but Stella Magazine (Sunday Telegraph) very kindly said as such so the hugest thank you to them. They also said the store was an edgy modern baroque wonderland so thank you again am totally totally delighted and flattered. Now down to business we have a small problem in that my car has packed up again (clutch gone) and so I will be cycling to the store on a bike that’s prehistoric with a wicker basket that doesn’t stay on and dodgy brakes. Yikes! Which means I am late late late. So I have to leave you with a very short post today reconfirming what we were talking about last week. That very wondrous subject of moving furniture away from walls. If you need anymore convincing then check this out. PS sorry I didn’t get round to shooting the moose I know I have a number of requests so please forgive – its was a gloriously sunny weekend and nearly a whole one without working just pottering, cooking and playing house.

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