Wild Colour

I’m out of my comfort zone when it comes to applying bright  colour s to walls. Did it at home once yonks ago and it was so bad I was slapping another colour over it before it had barely dried. Did at our concession at The Shop At Bluebird (brightest brightest saffron yellow) and had four sleepness nights before it returned to soft grey. So I marvel at homes that have taken a walk on the wild side and made it work. Although I not sure I could live with it, it does kind of mesmerise me. My concern  is I am not totally sure how sophisticated colourful walls look. I adore colour and have gotten braver as I have gotten older but just not sure about it on walls and when I say colour I mean zingy tangerine, lime, scarlet  that sort of thing.. Love it on rugs, lighting, textiles,  flowers blah blah blah . Images below show just how cool it can look. Will I dabble thinking maybe not but then I like to be brought out of my comfort zone otherwise life gets way to dull. By the way we will be extending our free style surgery held first Saturday on each month – to all of you who live out of town via video conferencing. Which means (due to popular demand and zillions of emails asking if we can set up a skype service – we are). Early days and will yabber more about it later  on in the week – but yes you will be able to send  images of your pad in advance, make an appointment for the consultation  and we will delight you with all sorts of crazy but cool ideas for how to turn your pad from drab to fab. There is alot going on but it works I think. On the fence with this one - love the bright yellow blind not totally there with the wall colour.

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