Faded glamour

Sorry for lack of post yesterday we were photographing all our flowers as they are soon to go on line.Yay! My work at the mo is taking me on a strange journey  as I am becoming entwined and a little obsessed with faded glamour . From a tatty old chair to  unfinished walls with peeling wallpaper . Don’t worry shall not I promise convert to a country rustic vibe  its only  temporary and its all to do with a new product line I am thinking about. Last night  slung twinkly fairly lights over paintings which in the evening sparkle with the sexiest of glows and dotted around the house all the posies we photographed yesterday which looked fabulous. Regrettably they all have to go back to the store today otherwise I wil be in big trouble.  Whilst I can appreciate sleek chic spaces they don’t talk to me – they feel I hate to say a little devoid of personality.  These images below are so inspirational not because I necessairy want my space to look like this its a little granny esp in feel but none the less it feels welcoming and lived in.

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