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Am typing this the night before as tomorrow is an early start and knowing me I will leave it to the wire before rolling out of bed at 5.45 and then I will forget to post. Anyway I am on a mission to encourage anyone who lives in London or is visiting London to swing by Petersham nurseries. Parking is a nightmare so the best thing is to park in Richmond and saunter along the river. Maud was in heaven, canoes, ducks, dogs she was so over whelmed she continually sat down along the way to contemplate which to chase. Oh and talking of Maud she has the most fabulous new hair cut (she goes to Primrose Hill you know for her shampoo and set) . She looks pounds lighter am thinking of doing the very same thing - chop of your hair and you look like you've lost 10 lbs yey! Pertersham is more than just a nursery it’s a café and award-wining restaurant sourcing the best local ingredients and growing most of the fruit and veg in the surrounding gardens. Palm trees, dirt floors and a shabby chic vibe abound – heaven. Cows graze on the meadows outside the gates and with the river running along by it’s a haven of tranquillity. I  pottered around the shrubberies and lemon trees, brought a whole load of herbs and lavender and felt almost as if I had been on a mini break.  Oh and its hugely popular with celebs by the way, Madonna, Paul Smith and Mick Jagger are all fans. Some images below of Petersham. I came home and wanted the exact same vibe, palm trees dirt floors, boho furniture  - except I have gone down a rather more glam route with my garden and beginning to re-evaluate why. I want this table.

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