How to translate your style into your home

Its easy peasy – never quite get why people find it so hard but then I guess I am sleeping, breathing, researching interiors every single day of my life. I kid you not. So you want a cool pad and you want it to reflect you first tip buy only what you truly love, and when I say love I mean truly love. When I first moved into my house years ago we had limited funds to furnish it, literally had no furnishings as having just relocated from the States I had flung everything out (sensible hey). I was charged with buying furniture for the living room sofa, chairs coffee table you know the thing and I came back with one chair that blew the budget  for the year and was made of concrete.  Yes that’s a triffle extreme but the point I am trying to make is that I didn’t want to furnish my newly beloved house with any old mumbo jumbo so I didn’t – simple as that. Enough on me you’re the ones who want a stylish pad.  Next tip mix it all up a bit its way more interesting and funky messing around with scale and age as it invigorates the eye at the same time as making g your space totally unique.  Another thing that I am always doing is playing by moving my stuff around – rotating who knows what from one room to another keeps the space evolving and it feels fresh. So not exactly my cup of tea this space but I love the vibe, unique, personal and fun and that at the end of the day is what it is all about.  If we all thought and decorated the same way it would be a dull old world.

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