Moody hues

It’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK so no posts from me on Monday. Apparently it’s a huge DIY weekend with everyone tarting up their  homes and gardens ready for summer. If like me you are painting (touching up a few rooms that are in a severe need of a repaint) then I just wanted to show you how fabulous dark rooms can look even in summer. You just don’t get that cosy gentleman’s club feeling in a neutral space I say. Loving everything about the room below from the panels to the painting from the inky blue  of the sofa to the rug. Particularly liking the idea of two sofas sitting opposite each other the question is can I relocate my george smith sofa to another floor and suggest going down this route without being murdered. Thinking probably not – so shall keep this one to myself for oh at least the weekend x Happy weekend I want to move into this space right now

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