Many apologises on my part for lack of posts these last few days. Early days and a frantic schedule have made posting a little difficult. How excited was I to discover Phillipe Stark's pad in Paris  there was I thinking it would all be super sleek and ultra white with designer labels everywhere but it couldn't be further from the truth. The look and its a look that the French do so well (almost as well as the English)!! is utterly eclectic.It’s the perfect mix of boho, glam, lived in, funked up and pretty darn cool. I must say its one of the hardest looks to pull off you don't follow a recipe so its not easy to copy and you kind of make the rules and break them as you go along. If you can pull it off it is by far the most interesting - intellectually and creatively. Bravo Mr Stark very impressed. Super super cool. Art, postcodes and various bits and bobs create a beautiful, eclectic nook

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