Moroccan Decorating

As I was so rubbish last week about posting and tomorrow is an early start followed by appointments  so I am being rather good and posting now.  A fire burns slowly in the hearth, Maud is running around flinging her ostrich in the air and at my feet and I’ve lazily spent the afternoon snuggled up on George Smith reading the papers– domestic bliss hey! Enough about me lets talk Morocco – saw Jamie Oliver’s programme on it last week and it brought back memories or that exciting culture where ancient traditions and craftsmanship have been around for yonks. It’s an intoxicating style a blend of vibrant colours, low level seating and ornate accessoires. When ever I visit a trade fair there is always an ethnic hall whereby I am hypnotised by this style of design and often times find myself thinking about buying into this extravagant vibe. I love the low level daybeds in varying bright hues coupled with rugs of burnt orange, sunset reds and faded mauves. Below is an image that shouts Morocco very loudly from the roof tops and is super easy to pull off in you have a nook in need of a little revamp.  Perfect for summer lounging with a book and a glass of Prosecco  - or possibly mint tea? No Prosecco nothing beats it.

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