It's a dog's life

Tomorrow is another early start for me so being good and posting this evening. I  have spent the day researching researching and researching and am feeling somewhat weary and contemplating if I could possibly sneak a glass of wine on a school night? Hmmm. What I have been researching you may well ask – well we have had some incredibly good news of late we have been accepted into the Maison Objet  exhibition in Paris in the fall to unveil our new lighting collection so I have been pulling together some ideas of how the stand might look.  I want it to feel homely, lived in and super cool all at the same time except it’s the teeniest tiniest stand so it’s a bit of a challenge to say the least. Maud (my dog) is coming with and she has been accepted into French school (she is very excited and we are learning French) except I really want her on the stand with me, firstly because she has been the inspiration behind our new lighting collection and secondly because homes and exhibition stands no matter how chic they may feel are so much better when a furry friend is present. Below are some fabulous images of dogs hanging out at home with the final one of Miss Maud on her back, snoring  on her favourite chair in her favourite position. Hard life at the top hey! So cute and love the shoe closet - stealing the idea I think! Very very cool. Miss Maud at home asleep and awake.

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