Eclectic Style

Today my good friend Lisa Whatmough ( and I are hosting in conjunction with a free style clinic in Notting Hill. The subject and one that’s very close to my heart and of course Lisa’s is eclectic style and how to achieve it. I’ve said it before and excuse me for banging on about it again but its one of the hardest looks to pull off, but its definitely without doubt the most interesting. Blending furnishing styles from a whole host of sources and time periods in a cohesive way is not easy. You want the hodgepodge look but it can’t look like a jumbled assortment of random items – you have to plan, deliberate and tie everything together. The trick is to relate things to each other whether that’s through colour, pattern, texture, scale or finish. Contrast is also important – mix colours, juxtapose finishes but make sure there are some commonalities. Hues that harmonise, shapes that marry well together – what we want to achieve is a controlled contrast of diverse elements so your room may look like its just thrown together but infact you know and I know its taken a good deal of thought. Worth it though As much as I like this space and its very eclectic its a little too granny esq for my taste. I want a something a bit more glam that mixes styles a little bit more daringly. [caption id="attachment_1044" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="Photography Rachel Smith Gap Interiors"][/caption] Like this perhaps. My pad although its now looking way more eclectic than this (this was shot some time ago). There is a ton of art on the wall, a moose hanging out in the garden and an Adler zeebra rug skimming the floor.

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