Garden magic

Am late in posting apologises - frantic day today. Before I drone on about gardens I just want to thank Liz Jones whose appears in this weeks Grazia for mentioning our store. It was great  seeing all our products in Liz's very beautiful home and loved being called hip. One more thing our flowers (the capsule collection) there is more to come are now on line so ordering is  super easy. Ok on to gardens or for those without gardens ledges, nooks and terraces. I'm all about making your outside space however small look as fabulous as your inside space. Am toying with the idea of mirrors in my garden as they can triple your sense of space the trick is to accessorise them by growing  climbers up. The other fab trend for outdoor spaces right now is mis matching (yay) whether thats different variety's of shrubs hanging out together in different pots on a ledge or a groovy selection of odd furniture - its way less uptight than the matchy matchy  look. Finally if you are buying plants this weekend (it promises to be sunny) go for 3 B planting - meaning bee, butterfly and bug friendly plants. With the decline of our British bumble bees its important to give the little guys some help - apparently opt for single flowers (double flowers are nectar free) and they love fruit, veggies and herb flowers. Image to inspire below - isn't it great how a dark sludgy hue looks so fabulous outdoors - hmm maybe my garden should go black.

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