Feature walls drab or fab?

I have also steered away from feature statement walls - you know the thing one wall wallpapered or treated in a very different way to the rest. But then I have one myself a double height wall papered in bookcase wallpaper and I adore it. It works for me at least I guess because the wall in question is very much a loner, double height glass doors sit right along next to it so it doesn't feel so odd. Often times I see it in bedrooms behind the bed one wall making a statement with the remaining walls quietly sitting in the shadow. Whilst I would advise to go the whole hog and treat all the walls the same its far more cohesive in my opinion  I came across this image photographed by the fabulous Damian Russell which shows just how fabulously feature walls can work. That's what I love about interior design -  ideas are constantly  challenged and provoked, boundaries constantly pushed - the result BEAUTIFUL. [caption id="attachment_1058" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="Photography Damian Russell"][/caption] Painted an inky black the feature fireplace wall looks fabulous in this apartment mainly because furniture (the table and dark vases) reflect the colour of the wall.  The yellow adds a zingy mesmerising touch

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